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LED Lights for Umbrella

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Umbrella provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Umbrella.
LED lights are slowly making the transition from practical application to being used for aesthetic purposes. One of the more interesting and unique trends that is catching on is using LED lights for umbrellas. The fad started with individuals making their own LED modifications to their umbrellas, and has caught on to the point where companies are now producing umbrellas that have LED lights already built into them. The popularity of this fashionable trend points to the many diverse applications for LED lights that continue to prove to be functional and fun.

Do-it-Yourself LED Lights for Umbrellas

Using LED lights is incredibly simple and there are tons of easy to understand tutorials online that can walk anyone through the process of connecting LED lights to a power source and attaching them to whatever surface is desired. LED’s are great illumination options to use for umbrellas because of their small size, the diverse variety of color tints that they are available in, and the fact that they do not emit any heat that would create a fire hazard if it comes into contact with the umbrella fabric.

Simple Instructions for Creating an LED Umbrella

Anyone interested in creating their own LED umbrella can purchase the necessary materials, including LED’s, wires, power sources, etc., from the Internet, or many hardware or craft stores. It’s simply a matter of connecting a string of LED’s to each other as well as the power source and creating a design on the umbrella. Poke small holes and feed the LED’s through, and use a sealant glue to hold the lights in place. This will also ensure that no water can come back through the holes. More interesting versions of this project include attaching a programmable microcontroller to the LED matrix that would allow the creator to develop different patterns that the LED’s can blink in at the controllers demand.

For consumers who are not technically inclined, there are a lot of companies that are making LED umbrellas. A simple Internet search will turn up a lot of different options for individuals to buy products that use LED lights for umbrellas. Some of the commercially available products feature patio umbrellas with LED’s, umbrellas that have the middle pole made from a material that carries light from a LED in the handle, and rain umbrellas that have been pre-programmed to make different light shows from the LED’s imbedded in the material.