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LED Lights for Theater

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Theater provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Theater.
One of the uses for light emitting diode lamps that many of us take for granted is in theaters, both live and motion picture venues. Everything from the outside marquee to the indoor lighting is quite often accomplished with LED lights for theater. These lights are energy efficient, cost effective and above all environmentally friendly.

The Marquee

The first thing many of us notice at contemporary or updated theaters is that brightly lit LED marquee on the front of the building. Whether the marquee is for a Broadway theater with a live stage production or a listing of movies outside a local cinema, most often it is brightly lit with LED lamps.

Concession Stands

Once inside the theater, it isn’t hard to find the way to the nearest concession stand for popcorn, candy, hot dogs, pizza and other assorted ‘snacks.’ A brightly lit LED sign advertises foods and beverages along with prices and special promotional discounts. LED lights for theaters will usually always be used for both the outdoor marquee as well as for the concession stands.

Sections and Rows

Navigating around a dimly lit theater can be a bit disconcerting. Since the advent of LED technology, many theaters have begun posting sections and rows over exterior doors and along walls to clearly indicate seating. While this isn’t always a big deal in a movie theater, for patrons who spend big bucks on live productions, clearly marked seating arrangements is a priority.

Lighting the Stage

While stage lighting isn’t so very important in movie theaters, it is crucial in live theater. LED lights for theater are often lifesavers for actors and audiences alike. LED lamps are cool, and do not overheat the stage or seating areas as other lights have been wont to do. Spots can be targeted just as efficiently without baking the actor on stage.

Entrances, Exits and Restrooms

LED lights for theaters also clearly indicate entrances, exits and restrooms. These are probably the first areas in theaters that made use of LED technology since its advent in the early 1980’s. LED lights last up to 17 years, use a fraction of the energy that other light sources do and provide even luminance in applications such as lighted signs such as these.

Dimmer Lights in Aisles for Safety

Those tiny lights on the sides of seats in the aisle are often LED lights on a dimmer switch. In between acts, or at the beginning and ending of movies, those little lights are brightened so that patrons can safely negotiate their way to the restroom and exits. While dimmer lights were often incandescent in the past, LED lights use less energy, last longer and are more durable.

LED lights for theater are probably one of the most widely recognized uses that consumers have become accustomed to over the past couple of decades. Theater owners and operators keep lighting expenses down while providing much needed lighting for the safety and convenience of patrons.