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LED Lights for Stadiums

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Stadiums provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Stadiums.
In the sports arena, LED lights for stadiums have made attending games easier and more enjoyable. Fans can keep abreast of scores, locate entrances and exits much more quickly, determine prices of tickets and when all is said and done, locate their vehicles after a particularly exciting game or sports event. All of this is easier than ever before because of LED technology.


One of the most widely understood use of LED lights for stadiums is the ever present scoreboard. LED lights power those boards that keep us informed of scores and other game-pertinent information. When sitting in the bleachers or stands it is often difficult to hear the loudspeakers, especially over a rambunctious crowd, so those LED lights are often the only way to keep track of who is doing what, when.

Entry and Exit Signs

Some stadiums are like a roadmap to China, as the old saying goes. Spectators have trouble reading those little plaques that get worn away with time, so LED lights for stadiums are becoming more and more common in lighting up sections and rows. Many stadiums also include brightly lit LED emergency exit instructions in near proximity to section info.

Ticket Availability/Pricing

When fans first arrive at the stadium, LED lights over the ticket booths indicate whether or not tickets are available and what the prices are for children, adults, seniors and disabled persons. Those marquees over the ticket booths may also indicate whether or not the game is already a sell-out. Also, LED lights at ticket booths are often used to advertise upcoming games or special events.


Most, if not all, stadiums have parking areas and garages belonging to the grounds. Indoor parking garages utilize LED lights to indicate levels and parking rows/spots as well as signs that indicate entrances and exits. Parking elevators use LED lights to display on the outside what level the elevator is on, and inside the control panel is lit by LEDs as well. Don’t forget those bright security lights that make it safe to get to and from vehicles by brightly lighting parking areas.

Lights on the Field

Then there are the games and events held in the evenings. Outdoor LED lights for stadiums shine brightly on the field/arena so that the action is clearly visible to the spectators. The beauty of LED lighting for sporting events is that the light is cool and doesn’t add to an already overheated, fan-packed stadium. Also, LED lights use less power, which should hopefully enable tickets to remain reasonably priced by keeping costs down for management.

LED lights for stadiums have added a whole new dimension to attending sports events. They make areas brighter and more accessible, provide needed information and scores, and of course, advertise the availability and pricing of tickets. Everything is done in real time which is one of the benefits of LED lights for stadiums that we have come to appreciate.