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LED Lights for Spa

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Spa provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Spa.
The advances in LED technology have created new and exciting uses for LED lights. Not only are LED lights used in homes, cars, and offices, but now they are being employed for a number of different uses. People have begun using these brilliant, energy saving LED lights in their swimming pools and home spas. Many fitness centers are even switching to LED light technology for all of their lighting needs.

Benefits of LED Lights for Spa

There are many reasons that people have decided to switch to LED lights for their spas, the main reason being the obvious, they use approximately 80% less electricity to operate. In addition to the energy LED lights will save, they also come with a wide range of color options, and even color changing capabilities. This will create a beautiful spa atmosphere and surely leave visitors in awe of the experience.

MagicStream Laminar LED

When MagicStream is used for LED lights for spa, the effect is that of completely translucent arcs of water that start either at the swimming pool or at the deck, whichever is desired. When nightfall sets in, the water is transformed into beautifully colored streams, by using a variety of gorgeous LED lights in an array of hues that will surely catch the eye.

Hayward ColorLogic LED Pool and Spa Lights

Almost everyone knows that there is nothing like beautifully colored water, especially at night. By using ColorLogic 4.0 people can literally transform their pool areas into a wonderland of lights that will create a breath taking effect. When used in conjunction with Pro Logic’s network module, as many as four additional shows result, with speeds that are adjustable, not to mention brightness and movement control with a spectrum of about 101 colors. LED lights use far less energy and with today’s growing concern with environmental issues, less energy with no sacrifice of beauty is a big plus.

LED lights for spa are a great way for homeowners and fitness club owners to create a beautiful atmosphere without having to spend a lot of money. While LED light technology does have a slightly higher initial investment, the savings that are incurred as a result of less energy consumption, and less frequent bulb changes, will bring back the revenue within the first year of use.