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LED Lights for Shower

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Shower provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Shower.
LED Lights for Shower

Although there is a growing trend to ‘go green’ with household lights, many consumers aren’t aware of the fact that the bathroom is one of the first areas that should be converted. Not only are LED lights able to provide more a more realistic light source than even fluorescent lamps, but they are also extremely energy efficient. In fact, because they are so durable, LED lights for shower areas are the perfect choice.

No More Cold Showers

One of the most innovative uses of LED lights for shower is the turbine powered LED lamp that lights up automatically whenever the shower is turned on. It glows blue when the water is cold to cool and will immediately switch to red when the water becomes warm or hot. This clever light installs easily in minutes as it simply screws on to an existing ¾ inch shower pipe. No batteries needed, and this LED light for showers actually serves a dual function. For individuals concerned about the ecology, the LED shower light can actually regulate the amount of water flowing as well. The showerhead limits water to two and a half gallons per minute. It may be more decorative than functional, but this is one handy device to have – especially for those who are prone to getting in the shower before the water heats up!

Recessed LED Lights for Showers

Many showers have recessed overhead lamps installed that can easily be converted to recessed LED lamps. Because of the small amount of power they draw, many newer homes are being built with standard LED fixtures. These homes utilize track lighting for the vanity and recessed bulbs for showers, which makes a great source of almost natural luminance. LED lights provide light spectrum closest to the noonday sun, which is why they are ideal in areas that require natural lighting. Recessed LED lights for showers last up to 10 years and only utilize a small fraction of the energy that their outdated halogen counterparts used.

While LED light technology for household use is ever gaining prominence, there are still not significant numbers of home improvement stores that carry sufficient items. The best place to find a broad assortment of LED lights for shower and bathroom use would be online where there are numerous distributors and manufacturers to choose from. There is also a wealth of information so that the right choice can be made when converting from standard lighting to energy efficient LED lamps.