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LED Lights for Ponds

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Ponds provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Ponds.
Ponds are great additions in any garden. Often, ponds can be artificially created in decent sized gardens or they can be naturally occurring in larger parks and golf courses. Most of the time, people enjoy the beauty of these ponds during the day, and forget about them during late evenings. In fact, you can view the pond in a totally different manner after sunset with LED Lights for Ponds.

Benefits of Using LED Lights for Ponds

LED based lights can be made waterproof by covering them completely with transparent waterproof material. This type of light can be submerged underwater or kept just around the surface and they will work perfectly. The traditional alternatives for pond lighting were halogen lights that produced a lot of heat which significantly altered the natural temperature of the pond. With LED´s you just get the light and no heat which is perfect for maintaining water quality. Most Halogen lights also came in single color, whereas LED assemblies can be designed to support multiple colors. With a decent controller program it is possible to assign a series of patterns giving you a lively looking pond at sunset.

Subtle Light Effects with LED Lights for Ponds

There are two common lighting effects that you can create with LED Lights for Ponds. If you want subtle lighting that is mild and pleasant, then you can go with submersible lights or floating lights. Though eerie, these lights mimic water lilies and then provide great shelter for small fish in the water as well. These lights are also nature friendly because they are not manufactured with any harmful chemicals, and they do not easily break which would cause unnecessary waste and toxins.

More Brilliant LED Lights for Ponds

Alternatively you may want to get something bright and powerful, especially if you have a darker pond with many plants or if you are placing the light below a tree or shrub. In cases like these, spot lights would be most effective because they are very powerful lights that can illuminate a target very brightly. LED spots can even be used to highlight certain aspects of the garden like a waterfall, or fountain or closely surrounding landscaping.

LED lights are a great option for lighting any pond, large or small. They are power efficient, water proof and produce no heat. LED lights function effectively both underwater or above it, and best of all, they are lovely to look at.