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LED Lights for Marine Use

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Marine Use provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Marine Use.
Over the years one of the biggest problems with marine lighting has been the fact that high vibration and shock loads caused undue strain on expensive lights for most marine vessels. With current solid state LED technology, LED lights for marine use now circumnavigate that problem altogether. LED lights last years longer, are water resistant, withstand bumps and shocks and are extremely energy efficient.

LED Lights for Marine Use in Control Panels

Because LED lights lend themselves to being more water resistant than any other type of lighting, control panels in water-going vessels are less apt to burn out due to moisture. LED lights for marine use in control panels has proven to be one of the greatest uses of LED technology over recent decades, but now even more innovative uses have come to the forefront. LED lights for marine use are being utilized for headlamps, deck floodlights, spreaders and more.

LED Deck Floodlights

LED floodlights for decks are compact and great for vessels that are subject to impact, shock loads and high vibration. The new generation is completely sealed off and water resistant, with stainless steel hardware for mounting. These lights are high intensity yet only use approximately 15% of the power that it takes to light halogen lamps of the same wattage. And all of those benefits don’t even take into account how long lived LED lights are! There isn’t a better solution to deck lighting anywhere on the market.

LED Spreader Lights and Spreader Bars

LED lights for marine use wouldn’t be complete without spreader lamps and spreader bars. Most spreader lights measure less than 4” deep by 3” tall so they easily fit into tight spaces. These lamps are weatherproof and can produce a tremendous amount of light. They come with tube or flat surface mounts and rubber shock isolators. LED spreader lights are generally manufactured with stainless steel and aluminum so they are durable and able to withstand the elements without eroding. Bars are available in lengths for 6 inches to 42 inches and they have holes to allow for both vertical and horizontal alignment of lights. For the amount of light they put out, LED lights draw such a small amount of power and can last almost 300,000 hours. There isn’t another light technology that can boast that type of lifespan.

Most models are available more readily online as marine supplies are sold in limited cities and states. Prices will be considerably less online so it is worth the effort to shop around a little to find the best buy. For low power consumption, eco-friendly lights that withstand the elements, LED lights for marine use are the number one ranked product.