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LED Lights for Lanterns

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Lanterns provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Lanterns.
LED Lights for Lanterns

When decorating for special occasions, illuminated paper lanterns are a favorite. In fact, certain holidays and parties wouldn’t be complete without some form of hanging lantern gently lighting up a darkened room. The problem has always been finding a way to keep them illuminated for long enough periods without the need to replace batteries. Energy efficient LED lights for lanterns have provided a solution to that age-old problem.

Battery Operated LED Flameless Candle

One of the most convenient LED lights for lanterns is the battery operated flameless candle. It is about the size of a small tea light candle with a single bulb that flickers as if it were really on fire. This realistic ‘candle’ can be inserted into any lantern, but is not suggested for paper, and will keep shining for hours on end with one single replaceable battery, CR2032. The bulb generally comes in bright white or amber, and because of its solid state LED construction, there is no heat to be of any danger setting lanterns on fire. The candle has an on/off switch and can operate more than 15 hours on one single battery.

Three Bulb Light for Paper Lanterns

The most common LED lights for lanterns are the 3-bulb lights that come on a 10 inch string. They are also powered by the CR2032 button type battery and can illuminate the lantern for more than 12 hours. This style of LED lights for lanterns also comes with an on/off switch and usually the package contains two or three replacement batteries per light. Colors of the bulbs vary, but the most common colors are bright white, amber, red, green and blue. Because of the fact that LED lamps are cool to the touch, this particular light is ideal for even the most delicate of paper lanterns. During the holidays or at parties, hanging lanterns add the perfect touch to the festivities.

Until LED technology, there was never really a way to keep lanterns lit without stopping midway through the evening to replace batteries, or the candle lamps themselves. LED lights for lanterns are not only long lasting but they are eco friendly as LED lamps are not manufactured with any hazardous metals. Because they are durable, LED lights for lanterns can be used year after year without breaking like tiny incandescent bulbs so often do. Both cost and energy efficient, LED lights for lanterns are a favorite among consumers, and no holiday would be complete without them.