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LED Lights for Landscaping

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Landscaping provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Landscaping.
LED lights for landscaping are among the hottest sources of outdoor lighting at the moment because of the savings they provide both in terms of power usage and in frequency of replacements. They are able to provide the same ambient colors of the spectrum as incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lamps, and are available both as individual retrofit lamps and as stand alone units. LED lights for landscaping can be hardwired or solar powered for even greater savings. Because of this obvious benefit, solar powered LED lights for landscaping are quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners.

Hardwired LED Lights for Landscaping

Most homes already have hardwired security and landscaping lights on the property. Prior to the past few years in homebuilding, solar operated landscaping lights were not widely used largely because of the cost involved. However, in recent years the price has been cut so drastically that LED lights for landscaping are actually in keeping with their outdated counterparts. The main benefit to hardwired outdoor LED lights is the fact that they cost only a fraction to power and can take advantage of existing exterior fixtures. Retrofit lamps are available for spot lights, lanterns, flood lights and even submersible or water-resistant pool lights.

Individual Solar Powered LED Lights for Landscaping

Although the concept of solar powered LED lights for landscaping sounds like it would be extremely expensive to set up, the opposite is actually the truth. Many outdoor landscaping lamps are self-powered in that they have a solar cell built right into the lamp itself. A good portion of those are even light sensitive and come on as soon as the sun sets. While many early models were not able to light the night landscape until the sun rose again, technology is ever expanding and many of the newer LED lights for landscaping are able to remain lit throughout the entire night.

Solar Panels for LED Lights for Landscaping

There are also solar landscaping lights available that are powered by a single solar cell that can provide energy to several lamps around the property. This type of LED landscaping lamp is known to have enough energy to last the entire night because of the larger central solar cell that captures more energy from the sun. This type of lamp is ideal for shadier areas. Here again, because solar LED lights don’t use any electricity, they are free to run so they are the most cost effective of all light sources.

In past years, many homeowners had to forego beautiful landscaping lights because of the rising cost of electricity. LED lights for landscaping provide ambient light without the high costs associated with running them throughout the night. Even hardwired LED lights use only a fraction of the electricity which makes the energy efficient, but the best deal of all is solar powered lights. For beautiful landscaping lighting that is affordable, LED lights are the obvious choice.