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LED Lights for Indoor Gardening

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Indoor Gardening provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Indoor Gardening.
More and more families are taking to growing indoor gardens for a number of reasons which include having fresh organic vegetables during off seasons along with a constant source of fresh herbs for use in cooking and naturopathic remedies. Garages and tool sheds are being converted to indoor gardens with increasing frequency, and because LED lights for indoor gardening are cost effective and environmentally friendly, they are consumers’ number one choice of grow lights. Following are a couple of examples of LED alternatives to HID (high intensity discharge), or Metal Halide lamps.

LED Grow Kits as an Alternative to 200 Watts HID

Although there are several brand names that provide a 200 watt LED equivalent to a Metal Halide lamp, there are some similarities in their construction. Most LED lights for indoor gardening kits in the 200 watt equivalent include:

• Red grow lights for fruiting and flowering plants
• Blue White full spectrum lamps for vegetation
• Tracks, fixtures, power cords and plugs
• Covers approximately 6 square feet of indoor growing area
• Manufacturer’s warranty – generally 1 to 2 years
• Affordable at less than $275
• Lasts up to 10 years

The remarkable part about LED lights for indoor gardening is that they do not produce heat so there is no need to compensate with additional expense in cooling during warmer months of the year. Also, they are so energy efficient that they only utilize between 60% and 70% of the power their HID counterparts would use.

LED Grow Kits as an Alternative to 400 Watts HID

For larger areas, many indoor garden enthusiasts opt for LED lights for gardens kits that are an equivalent to 400 watts of HID luminance. These kits generally include:

• Approximately Double the red and blue white lamps in the 200 watt kits
• All tracks, fixtures, power cords and plugs
• Coverage of approximately 16 square feet
• Uses less than 94 watts of power
• Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 to 2 years in most cases
• Priced at $450 - $500
• Durable and long life span – rated up to 10 years

Whether the garden is for personal use or for selling produce commercially, LED lights for indoor gardening provide the most economical long term solution for grow lights. They are environmentally friendly, inexpensive to operate, and can continue to provide a full spectrum light source for up to a decade.