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LED Lights for House

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for House provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for House.
Many consumers aren’t aware of the fact that the United States government enacted legislation that goes into effect early in 2012. They mandated that all light bulbs sold will need to be a minimum of 30% more efficient, and that leaves only LED lights to fit the bill. Neither halogen, compact fluorescent nor incandescent bulbs can produce the desired luminance with that much of a decrease in energy utilized. LED lights for house owners will do more than meet federal guidelines. They will greatly reduce monthly utility bills!

LED Bulbs with Edison Bases

One of the greatest concerns that many consumers had was regarding LED connections. In the early days of LED technology, special bases were utilized and current fixtures would have been obsolete. In recent years, LED lights for house and commercial use have standard bases. A standard incandescent bulb that screws into a light fixture is manufactured with what is known as an Edison base. LED lights are now manufactured in clusters with an Edison base that can be used with any fixture or lamp.

Where to Buy LED Lights for House and Garden

Many stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s carry a few brands of LED lights for house and garden, however the prices tend to run a bit high. Although the top manufacturers of light bulbs have gotten into the market, the prices in retail stores reflect the need to cover operating overhead. As a result, consumers are finding that purchasing energy efficient LED lights online is their best option for lower prices. Also, when purchasing LED lamps online it is possible to read through some great information on how they are manufactured and what it is that make them so eco-friendly. LED lights for use in the home area available in track lighting, bulbs, under cabinet strips and so many more styles that can be discovered by doing a quick internet search.

Whether you are seeking to reduce electric bills or use a lighting product that is safe for the environment, LED lights are the only way to go. They have a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours in most cases, are not made with any dangerous metals and utilize about 20% of the energy that candescent lamps use. For an all around great bargain, LED lights are at the top of the list.