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LED Lights for Hair

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Hair provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Hair.
LED lights, because they use such a little bit of power are absolutely ideal for dressing up today’s hair fashions. Most can be operated with one or two button batteries which will last a great many hours to keep those lights blinking. Although it is possible to find LED lights for hair and hairpieces in local stores, there are greater choices when ordering online. Some of the current trendy products are LED lights for hair braids, flower clips and White Noodle Headbands.

Flashing LED Hair Braids

Within the past few years, the hottest trend in hair fashion is scene hair. Most notable for its streaks of neon colors, scene hair is now taking a new ‘twist’ with LED lights for hair. Rather than getting regular hair extensions, many girls are using flashing LED hair braids which are available in black, brown, blonde and an assortment of hot neon colors that are perfect for scene hair. The main difference is in the flashing LED lights that are woven through the braid. The lights turn on and off with a twist of the cap that is on one end. The lights flash up and down the braid, making them perfect for parties, clubs and a night on the town.

Flashing Flower Hair Clips

Another great style in LED lights for hair is flashing flower hair clips. Made from clear acrylic these trendy hair clips flash from one LED to the next. They come with replaceable batteries, size CR927, which can be purchased online and anywhere where watch and hearing aid batteries are sold. Flashing Flower Hair Clips come in blue/jade, orange/orange, blue/blue, red/blue and rainbow color combinations. They are manufactured by Flashing Blinky Lights which also carries matching flashing LED Acrylic Flower Necklaces to match.

White Noodle Headbands with Flashing LED Lights

White Noodle Headbands are a style that is easily adaptable to day or night wear. During the day the white ‘noodle’ ribbons are just funky strands of white ribbon, while at night a simple switch on the headband turns on the flashing lights. The white ribbons hang down either side of the headband which is black. Once the lights are activated they flash up and down the ribbons. Great for clubs, parties and dances, White Noodle Headbands are sure to light up the scene.

Whether you are looking to add a little flare for the night life or as an added touch for a costume, LED lights for hair are sure to be a hit. Adorn scene hair styles with neon braids or wear lighted mod hair clips to a school dance. LED lights for hair can be found online as well as in many novelty stores in local malls.