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LED Lights for Guitar

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Guitar provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Guitar.
LED Lights for Guitar

One of the newest trends in modding up a guitar is to install LED lights on or in the guitar to give it a futuristic glow that rivets the audience during gigs. Depending on the level of mechanical knowledge a person has, LED lights for guitar can be actually built in to the guitar through rather complex circuitry, or simple strips or lamps can be easily installed and powered by a button battery attached just inside the body.

Easiest Method of Adding LED Lights for Guitar

Probably the easiest way to add some flash to a guitar is to add ultra thin LED strips underneath the pick guard. Whether or not the guard needs to be removed is entirely dependent on the type of guard on the guitar. Many guitars have solid, dark colored pick guards that aren’t conducive to allowing light shine through. In these instances it may be necessary to order a clear acrylic guard prior to disassembling the guitar. Some guitars have a space large enough between the body and the guard to easily slide a sticky backed LED strip beneath it, but this is not the recommended method as it can easily get crinkled and loose appeal. Removing a pick guard is extremely simple, so do yourself a favor, remove the guard, apply the strip, attach the battery just inside the hole, and then reattach the guard.

Complex Circuitry LED Lights for Guitar

There are a great number of message boards and videos online that instruct guitarists how to build more complex LED lights for guitar circuitry. Whether installing neon tubes, single or multiple flashing/strobing bulbs or any number of other available trendy LED lights for guitar, there are complete instructions that walk through the steps sequentially. While the trendiest mods can be accomplished with more complex circuits, this may require the guitar to be disassembled for a day while the circuit is built and the LEDs are installed. It is highly recommended that this type of lighting not be attempted on days when the guitar will be needed for a gig in the event that the wiring and installation takes longer than anticipated. However, this is the method that provides the look that most guitarists are after.

Although it may take some amount of mechanical wizardry to mod up that guitar to the latest trend in LED lights for guitar, the end result is much more than worth the effort. Whether the lights are set to flash with the rhythm of the tunes being played or simply scrolling through colors of a neon rainbow, LED lights for guitar are in high demand for the club and stage circuit.