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LED Lights for Greenhouses

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Greenhouses provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Greenhouses.
There are so many advantages to using LED lights for greenhouses that HID lighting is becoming a thing of the past. LED technology is more energy efficient, environmentally safe and can last as long as 10 years per bulb. Because LED lights for greenhouses provide full spectrum lighting, they can supplement natural sunlight on dreary days, or be used as stand alone lighting for totally enclosed greenhouse growing.

Major Benefits of LED Lights for Greenhouses

Among the many benefits of LED lights for greenhouses, studies have shown that LED technology:

• Requires less maintenance – lamps are durable, lasting up to 10 years
• No heat – lamps do not scorch plants even as close as 6” away
• Fewer components – no ballasts or cooling fans needed
• Versatile – full spectrum lighting from seedlings to flowering and/or fruiting stages
• Energy efficient – saves 20% to 30% on energy bill as opposed to HID lamps
• Efficient – wavelengths optimal for photosynthesis

Those are just a few of the advantages of LED lights for greenhouses. Not only are they low maintenance and durable, they are also the most eco-friendly source of light as they give off no harmful emissions and are not manufactured with dangerous metals.

Common Strings of LED Lights for Greenhouses

Although manufacturers may vary, there are some common setups for use in greenhouses which include:

• 48 feet of LED bulb stringer
• Approximately 2 feet spacing between bulbs
• Although unlikely, if one bulb goes, the others remain lit
• Watertight seals ideal for greenhouses with sprinkling systems
• 120 Volts AC power cord
• Blue White Full Spectrum Bulbs
• Most sets include 24 bulbs for a total of 96 watts

That is just a sampling of what is included in the average string of LED lights for greenhouses. There are various sized packages, but the price for a similar package would probably run about $600 on average. Considering the fact that the lamps will last up to 10 years and consume 30% less electricity than a Halide string, that is extremely cost effective.

While there are other types of LED lights for greenhouses which include single lamp hanging spots and lamps on stands with adjustable necks, the most commonly used products are strings that run the length of the roof. LED grow lights may be available at local nursery supply retailers, however shopping online would most likely provide the best deals.