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LED Lights for Elevators

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Elevators provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Elevators.
We live in a highly technological society that is continually expanding capabilities while utilizing fewer natural resources to get results. LED technology is the culmination of decades of research for a more energy efficient source of light that can provide adequate luminance while using the least amount of power. Everything from homes to hospitals uses this technology, and even elevators have benefited from advancements. LED lights for elevators have made them more manageable while providing safety measures that were never before this possible.

Exterior Floor Numbers

Most, if not all, elevators have exterior call buttons and floor numbers that are backlit with LEDs. That little amber or green glow showing through the arrow on the up or down call button is most probably an LED lamp. Also, those numbers that light up above the door to the elevator indicating which floor it is currently on are also LED lights for elevators. But LED lamps are used inside the elevator as well.

Interior Control Panel

The interior control panel is also lit with LED lamps. Each floor button that is depressed when riders enter the elevator lights up to signal the elevator will stop on those floors. Similarly, the arrows on buttons for holding doors open, or forcing them shut are backlit with LED lamps. The emergency call button is generally recognizable because it is often colored red, whereas floor numbers and other operational buttons are backlit with green or amber 99% of the time.

Lighting inside Elevators

There are several reasons why LED lights for elevators are chosen to brighten the interior of the car. LED lamps use only a small portion of the electricity that incandescent, halogen or even fluorescent lamps use. LED lights for elevators are energy efficient, but they are also durable, long lived and eco friendly. No metals like mercury are used in the manufacturing of LED lights and they are known to last up to an amazing 100,000 hours. Because they use such a small amount of power, should there be a blackout while passengers are in the elevator; backup power can operate them for hours on end without the slightest drain.

LED lights for elevators have been utilized for years in terms of the control panel and call buttons, but innovative technology has provided a way to utilize LEDs for an effective light source that rivals more traditional lamps. Cost effective and environmentally friendly, LED lights for elevators are here to stay.