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LED Lights for Drums

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Drums provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Drums.
One of the new popular trends for bands, or particularly drummers, is installing LED lights for drums. To some this may seem a bit complicated, but in reality there are just a few simple steps to the whole process. You can even make them sensitive to light up when the drum is hit. The price range varies depending on the amount of lights, but LED lights for drums can usually be self-installed.

Gathering the Equipment

There are a few things you will need when installing the LED lights for drums, most of which you can get online at a reasonable price. For one drum you will need a 9 volt battery and battery clip, 9 small LED lights or an LED strip, a long copper wire, and a soldering iron. Also you will need a “momentary push button” to open and close the current for the drum to light up. Depending on the brands, or the amount of drums, it could range from less than a hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars.

Installing LED Lights for Drums

Complete directions for installing LED lights for drums are included in the kits so it should be easy to install them. The main thing to remember is that there are black and red wires that run to the battery clip, positive and negative terminals. The installation instructions will be different for individual lights and strips, so it is important to read all directions through a couple times prior to taking any parts of the drums apart. Also, there are videos online that take the installations through, step-by-step.

Time Needed for Installation of LED Lights for Drums

The time it takes to install all of the lights and get the circuitry correct shouldn't take very long. It all depends on the amount of LED lights used and the size of the drum set they are installed on. Overall, the entire process shouldn't take more than a few hours working alone to complete. After purchasing all of the materials and other preparations needed for installing the LED lights on your drum kit and then installing them all, the process was quick and simple. The finished product gives a whole new look to that drummer who normally is the least noticed of the group, and all done in a few hours.

Since LED Lights for drums can be purchased to flash with the rhythm, stay lit, or flash sequentially, drummers can vary their ‘look’ to correspond with the types of music being performed. Groups are finding that the added light show is a tremendous crowd pleaser.