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LED Lights for Cycles

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Cycles provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Cycles.
Anyone who owns a cycle knows that nothing is too good for that bike, and LED technology just made buying lamps and accessories that much more fun. From accent lights to headlamps, tail lights and turn signals, there is an innovative new LED product that provides superior performance with a look that is unsurpassed.

LED Accent Lights

LED lights for cycles are at their best when it comes to accent lights. There are the rings that mount easily to front and rear tires that emit a fiery glow, totally customizable LED accent strips and bars, and LED pods in every color possible. One of the more innovative brands is Magical Wizard Lights that have strobe, breathe and fade capability all at the touch of your hand. One set of LED Wizards glow in 7 different colors that can be controlled as the biker desires.

7” Headlamp

Innovative new LED lights for cycles include a solid state, damage resistant headlamp that lasts about 50 times longer than a normal lamp and provides lighting closer to daylight driving. They are cool burning and provide improved projection and visibility. LED head lamps are typically made with 10 LEDs and are powered at 4.5 Amp at high beam and 2.5 Amp at low. They are approved within the United States by all State DOTs.

LED Turn Signals

There are numerous brands of LED turn signals and turn signal kits for bikes that are DOT compliant and easy to install. LED lights for cycles are long lived and come in sets for Harley Davidson, Honda Cruisers, Yamaha Cruisers, Yamaha Roadliner and Stratoliner, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Boss Hoss, American Ironhorse and Universal LED Clusters, to name a few brands. Because of their long life and solid state durability, LED lights for cycles are quickly overtaking the industry.

Plug ‘N Play Tail Lights

Led tail lights come in standard sizes and installations and there are also customized lights that can be added to the rear of the cycle. The LED circles come in amber, red and clear, which is pretty standard, but that’s where ‘normal’ ends. There are rotating and pulsating tail lights, plasma rods and wrap around fork mounts. Customizing a bike is more exciting than ever before with the new assortment of LED lights for cycles.

Nothing is too extreme or too innovative when it comes to customizations for bikes, and LED technology just made those customizations all the more vivid. LEDs are long lived, durable, cool running and best of all affordable. Products can be ordered online as well as in local bike shops.