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LED Lights for Costumes

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Costumes provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Costumes.
Although there are a number of articles of clothing that come with LED lights, most of them are geared toward the night life and clubbing, which can run into a great deal of expense. LED lights for costumes, on the other hand, are sold separately and can easily be attached in a number of ways to craft the perfect costume for Halloween, school plays, Christmas Nativity Scenes and any other occasion a lighted costume would be called for.

Battery Operated LED Strings for Costumes

LED lights for costumes are usually sold in strings or on ribbons. They can be easily attached to make such innovative costumes as jellyfish, fairies, angels, aliens and literally anything that can be enhanced with a little bit of ‘magic’ light. There is a broad range of colors and styles of LED lights for costumes that come as single strands of 20 LED bulbs, or as intricate as stars, snowflakes and/or icicles. Lace them up the front, or sew them down the sleeves, pant legs or on skirts. Some crafty individuals make wings, LED lighted capes and even gloves, boots, magic wands and canes. As far as the imagination can go, LED lights for costumes can go even further!

LED Lights for Costumes – Headpieces

One of the all-time favorites for both Halloween and Christmas alike would be headpieces that light up. Princesses and fairies can wear battery operated LED crowns with crystal clear lamps that give off a diamond glow effect, or in an assortment of colors that match any gown of any style. During the holidays, many children (adults as well!) are apt to want reindeer antlers, or lighted elves caps or Santa hats. LED lights for costumes are easily attached and may not even require any sewing skills whatsoever. Some come in strands of self adhesive lights, while others can easily be tacked on with a bit of fabric glue. Simply take a pre-made cap or crown and attach the string of LED lights, and an ordinary headpiece is instantly transformed into a magical adornment.

Because LED lights for costumes are extremely durable, even the rough-n-tumble kids of today won’t easily destroy them. Just tuck the costume away for another year, or detach the strands of lights for use on some other costume at another time when a bit of creative flare is called for. LED lights for costumes are inexpensive and can be found both online as well as in craft stores everywhere.