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LED Lights for Coolers

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Coolers provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Coolers.
While government legislation mandating energy efficient lighting doesn’t take effect until the year 2012, many manufacturers are already ahead of the situation, and as such, have begun releasing eco-friendly lighting products that meet with all the newly legislated criteria. This is especially prominent in products that are being released for commercial use. LED Lights for coolers holding perishable foods are among the first commercial products on the market, and they are getting a great deal of positive feedback from businesses around the country due to the key benefits they provide.

Long Life of LED Lights for Coolers

One of the most important benefits that consumers are thrilled with is the extremely long life of LED lamps. Commercial LED lights are rated at approximately 50,000 hours which is more than four times longer than fluorescent lighting for coolers. Fluorescent lamps are rated at 12,000 tops.

LED Lights for Coolers are Energy Efficient

Actually, LED lights are energy efficient for use in coolers both on the system end as well as in the area of heat load reduction. LED lights for coolers use significantly less than half the power to operate than fluorescent lamps and they produce no heat. This means that the cooler doesn’t have to work as hard to keep perishable. food stuffs cold.

Greater Visibility through Cooler Doors

LED lights have reduced glare as opposed to fluorescent bulbs while providing the same level of luminance. Consumers are better able to view merchandise through the glass in cooler doors, which makes it easier to spot items without the need to open doors to peer inside.

Eco-Friendly LED Lights for Coolers

Another key feature that makes LED lights for coolers a better choice than fluorescent lamps is the fact that they are extremely eco friendly. LED lamps are not manufactured with any harmful metals such as mercury and they emit no UV radiation. In fact, LED lamps are so eco friendly that they don’t even emit infrared rays either.

Because LED lights are solid state, they are sturdier than any other type of bulb on the market, and as a result can provide lighting for the maximum amount of hours they are rated for, with reduced risk of breakage in the interim. Many stores around the country have already ‘made the switch’ and are extremely positive in their feedback. Since lighting in supermarkets accounts for the biggest portion of their energy expenditure, especially noted in consumer comments is the fact that within the first month energy bills began dropping at an astounding rate. LED lights for coolers are eco friendly and provide a wider profit margin for businesses.