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LED Lights for Computers

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Computers provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Computers.
LED lights for computers are among the most innovative uses of LED technology. They come in almost infinite colors and color combinations, can be mounted internally or externally, and can turn an ordinary desktop or laptop into the trendiest machine imaginable. Furthermore, LED lights for computers can be functional or purely decorative.

External LED Strips

For consumers who use their laptops in dimly lit spaces, external LED strips come in handy as they are moldable and simply plug into any available USB connector. They generally house approximately 12 small LED bulbs and the strip can be aimed at the keyboard or toward a document nearby to be referenced.

Internal LED Lights for Computers

For the computer geek who likes to build a unit from the ground up, internal LED strips in a variety of colors are able to light up the inside of the tower so that internal parts can be easily recognized and worked on. Some of the cool light filters through side and rear vents, as well as through the back fan housing for a unique lighting effect.

LED Fan Lights

There are also LED lighted fans for the truly adventurous that display a kaleidoscope of pulsating colors. While this provides one of the more amazing LED lighting effects, the computer would need to be located somewhere centrally in a room for maximum effects.

Side Panel LED Lights

Probably the most notable use of LED lights for computers would be the special ordered side panels that have cutouts in the metal frame with clear plexiglass coverings. Internal LED cards are added to slots to power an assortment of lighting effects that will be seen through the side panels.

Exterior LED Lights for Computers/Laptops

There are also a wide variety of pliable LED strips that have double sided tape so that they can easily be attached to the outside housing of a desktop or laptop for unusual effects. These strips can be powered through any standard USP port, while some are battery operated. Exterior LED lights for computers come in single and multi colored strips.

LED Computer Feet

For that otherworldly effect, try adding LED computer feet. Not only do they shine crazy colors, but they raise the desktop approximately an inch off the surface. LED lights for computers are generally easy to install, but LED computer feet may be a bit tricky. There are a number of videos online that show how to do this as easily as possible.

No self respecting computer geek would be without one or more LED lighted accessories for his/her desktop, laptop, carrying case or computer stand. They are not expensive, easy to install and take the digital age to a whole new level.