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LED Lights for Clubs

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Clubs provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Clubs.
Back in the disco days most lights for clubs heated up crowded rooms beyond endurance, and the cost of electricity to run those high-powered lights was more than the average club owner could afford. Fluorescent lights became the next big rage, but they also gave off some amount of heat, and also ran up quite a high electric bill. With the advent of LED lights for clubs both of those problems were dealt with at the same time. LED lights do not give off heat and they save up to 80% of the cost of electricity, even above and beyond fluorescent lamps, which until now had been the least costly of all.

LED Lights for DJs

Probably the most popular LED lights for clubs are those multi-colored strobes or spots that DJs use when mixing sound on stage at clubs. Most popular are the Moonflower Lighting Effect and the DMX Color Mixing LED PAR Can. Flashes of color work to enhance the setting where the DJ is center stage.

Stage Lighting

When live bands perform at clubs there are a number of phenomenal LED stage lights that are both powerful and portable. If the club doesn’t provide lighting for groups, the solution is easy. A number of the best selling LED lights for clubs are quite affordable, and they can take a great deal of abuse as they are continually being broken down only to be set up at the next gig.

Mirrored Balls for the Dance Floor

One of the biggest sellers of all LED lights for clubs would be those rotating mirrored balls that hang from the center of the dance floor. They range from bright whites for that starlight effect to a broad range of colored strobes. While reminiscent of the disco era, they take on a whole new flavor of the electronic age.

Stars, Flowers, Strobes and Scans

Then there is the assortment LED Lights for clubs that beam brightly colored stars, flowers, strobes and scans out and around the room. Nothing sets the mood for partying and dancing quite as effectively as the bright, pulsating colors of LED lights.

Whether LED lights for clubs are meant for lighting the stage, or if they are used to flash stars and strobes onto the dance floor, they have become the next generation in lighting. LED lights don’t heat up a crowded club, they are much cheaper to power, and they last up to 80% longer. But, the biggest perk of all is that they can take the abuse of being broken down and set back up from gig to gig.