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LED Lights for Closets

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Closets provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Closets.
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find something in a dark, cluttered closet. This is especially the case in many older homes and apartments that don’t have wired-in lights. Although LED lights for closets are available for both hard wired and wireless lighting, they provide a cost effect was to lighten up even the most space restrictive places like a closet.

Types of LED Lights for Closets on the Market

There are actually two main types of LED lights for closets which would include styles that are permanent and can be hard wired, or stick-on LED lights that come in single lamps or stick-on strips. One of the most popular brands is manufactured under the brand name Space Savers. The wireless lamps are battery operated and it is recommended that for even greater savings, use rechargeable batteries. Most often the hard wired variety come in LED light strips which can also provide considerable savings over the extremely long life of the light strip.

Energy Consumption and Product Cost – Calculate the Savings

A single stick-on light generally costs approximately $4.99, whereas the wireless strips start at approximately $14.99. LED lights last up to 17 years which means that under normal circumstances, the savings on light bulbs alone is considerable. Normally closet light bulbs get replaced approximately twice annually. In a 17 year period, if the bulb costs $1 then the consumer would be paying out of pocket roughly $34. That’s quite a sizeable savings when adding up perhaps 4 to 8 closets and pantries in the home. Also, keep in mind that even hardwired LED lights for closets consume less than 20% of the electricity that a incandescent bulb would utilize.

Alternate Uses for LED Lights for Closets

While most consumers purchase both single lights and strips for use in closets, this type of lamp is highly versatile. The wireless battery operated strips are especially handy as covers for works of art or a family photo wall. There are a number of colored lamps available, depending on the use for which the strips are intended. They can be used in cupboards, garages, under cabinets, hallways, sheds, garages and virtually anywhere that is not hardwired for electricity.

In the end, the savings is probably the brightest aspect to LED lights. Because they last so long and require only rechargeable batteries or a small amount of power to illuminate even the darkest of spaces, LED lights for closets are a good investment now in future savings.