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Why Choose LED Lights

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: Why Choose LED Lights?
In recent years there has been an increase in environmental awareness in terms of energy consumption, and everyone is looking for new ways to save energy. Sometimes people are just looking to save money on their electric bill, but other times they really are concerned about the planet. Whatever the case, LED lights have become quite popular today, and there are a number of reasons that people everywhere are deciding to choose them over other, more traditional light bulbs. The reasons may range from appearance to long-term economical savings. When seeking to answer “Why choose LED lights?” the following information may prove helpful.

Other Energy Conserving Bulbs

It’s already been established that people have been looking for ways to save money on their electric bill, but what methods have they been using? Up until a few years ago, one of the main energy conserving light bulbs was the CFL bulb. It is the odd looking bulb that is shaped like a spiral. Most people have seen at least one, somewhere. Anyway, the CFL bulb is great for saving energy, no one can dispute that, however it does carry certain risks. CFL bulbs contain mercury and nearly everyone has heard of this toxic chemical. Mercury can also be found in the ocean, and the levels are rising every year due much in part to the improper disposal of devices that contain it, such as thermometers and fluorescent light bulbs. To learn more about Mercury poisoning, a simple internet search will suffice.

LED Lights and Electric Consumption

The best source of artificial light in terms of energy conservation is the LED light. Not only does the LED light have a gorgeous bright white look to it when used to replace home lights, but it also uses practically 80% less electricity, which is a huge improvement, to say the least. In most households the cost of lighting alone takes up a portion of about 35 to 50% of the electric bill. There are many things consumers can do; however, using LED lights in place of energy hogging bulbs is a sure way to take a step in the right direction in terms of bringing a high electric bill down.

Pesky Insects

There have been a lot of studies conducted on LED lights when used outside on a patio or porch, regarding insects and whether or not they are attracted to LED lights. It is not surprising that the results were in favor of LED lights. Insect are attracted to incandescent lights because of the heat they produce, as well as the wavelength of light they provide. LED lights do not produce heat and also use a different frequency of wavelength. By replacing the light bulb on the front porch, a significant decrease in insects, especially mosquitoes, can be realized. Everyone who has gone camping already knows that insects will sometimes gather around their lamps, often in large numbers. By bringing along an LED lamp, the insects would at least be minimized.

Why choose LED lights? Because they are cost effective in terms of energy, are durable and long lasting, and they are safer for the environment just to name a few reasons. There are many more reasons to choose LED lights but the best way to find out first hand is for a person to try them out and make his/her own decision. Perhaps just changing one light bulb at a time will be a good way to assess whether or not LED light is preferred.