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What is the Brightest LED Flashlight

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What is the Brightest LED Flashlight?
Declaring one flashlight the brightest would be akin to declaring one computer to be the fastest: it's a nearly impossible task because the front-runners change almost daily and because the one that's best might change depending on circumstances. However, it is possible to state which category of LED flashlights are now the brightest. They are the ones that are now known as “Super Bright” flashlights.

What's a Super Bright LED Flashlight?

Most commonly, a super bright LED flashlight is defined as one that gives out more than 600 lumens worth of light. Because of their brightness, these LED flashlights are more commonly called torches. There is simply no comparison with the much dimmer incandescent flashlight bulbs.

Why Get a Super Bright LED Flashlight?

There are plenty of good reasons that you should consider buying the super bright LED flashlight, or “torch.” One of the chief benefits is that, incredibly, it gives off this intense light using nothing more than simple double - A or AAA batteries. That's less than the three “D” batteries that you'll need for a much dimmer old-fashioned flashlight. And those “D” batteries won't last as long. In addition, this 21st century torch makes it easy to see clearly even in the darkest environments- making it, for instance, a perfect camping companion.

Keep in mind; if you use your LED flashlight for camping, it's wise to have a second light with you as well. Sometimes you just want to look for something outside your tent, and the super bright LED light will be overkill (You'll wake up the whole camp). So keep a basic incandescent light for those small tasks, but the LED super-bright for deep-woods exploration.

Others who would find this LED “torch” to be beneficial to them would be cave explorers or the average person who wants to be ready in case his car breaks down in a dark area.

Recommended Models

Almost anything in the super-bright category would be a good buy for those who need the intense light that the LED “torch” offers. There are a few names, however, that have gotten especially good reviews. For instance, the C2 Cree MC-E Q5 Five-Mode is a super-bright LE flashlight that gives you 790 lumens of brightness and which is solid and durable.

Almost as good is the 742 lumen model known as the SuperBrightT. It also has an easy-to-operate and reliable push-button feature that sets it apart from others.

A third top LED flashlight, also offering 742 lumens of light, is the Legion II. It offers a one-finger-switch that makes it a breeze to turn the light on or off or to dim it to just the right level.

Verdict on Super Bright LED Flashlights

There's no need in the 21st century to be caught in the dark. Someday you might find yourself broke down on the road in a dark part of the country. Or maybe you'll need some light for that camping or spelunking trip. It's best to be prepared and a super bright LED flashlight should be part of your preparation kit.