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What is an LED Monitor

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What is an LED Monitor?
What Is An LED Monitor?

Most manufacturers who are known for making televisions or monitors now also sell something called an LED monitor. This is a term used for simplicity, because while many distinguish the LED from LCD displays, it's actually another type of LCD monitor. An LED monitor is basically an LCD monitor that uses LEDs (tiny "light emitting diodes" to light up the screen. It makes for a far superior computing or viewing experience.

How it Works

On a typical older LCD monitors, the screen is lit by fluorescent tubes. They were never very crisp in displaying blacks; they always appeared more as muddy greys. In a standard LCD monitor, either all tubes are on or off. As a result, light sometimes escaped into areas that should have been dark. This created the blurry image you see on other displays. An LED lit screen uses many tiny diodes, each of which can be lit or dimmed by itself. This makes it more accurate in showing black areas, which makes the image crisper, not as blurry.

Two Types of LED Monitor Screens

There are two different types of LED monitor screens, each with its own advantages. The first is the back-lit screen, which has groups of LEDs placed in the back of display. Then there's the edge-lit display, with LED lights lining the perimeter of the screen. The benefit of edge-lit monitors is that they can be quite thin and sleek looking. They're also less expensive than backlit LED monitors. On the other hand, the backlit approach allows for brighter screens and crisper images.

Why Buy LED Monitors?

Aside from the reasons we've given, there are other things that make LED technology the preferred form for your next monitor. For instance, if you watch movies on your monitor, LED technology is excellent for watching videos. This includes videos that you download and watch on the Internet. These are great for watching online videos. The LED approach makes the graphics clear and even the text well-defined. LED allows for outstanding colour saturation and picture contrast.

LED monitors are also terrific for gaming. An HDMI connection allows you to hook up your gaming console. Because there's no blurring in the monitor, even high-speed games look and play exactly like the game designer intended.

The Simplicity of LED Monitors

It's not often cited by the tech experts, but there is a simplicity that makes LED monitors a good choice for your display needs. The standard LED monitor weighs up to a third less than monitors with the old fluorescent tubes. Plus they're thinner. Both of these facts makes it easy to handle the monitor and position it exactly where you want it. This simplicity makes the LED monitor great for the modern home. It's also simple to get the picture looking exactly how you want, since you won't be fidgeting with controls to get the picture crisp and to get the colours just right.

With so much going for them, it's difficult to understand why anyone would buy anything but an LED monitor for their computing, viewing and gaming needs.