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What is an LED Display

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What is an LED Display?
LED is not just an ideal technology for televisions and computer monitors. It's also becoming a high-tech and effective advertising methods. The LED display allows you to customize your sales message in ways that older signage could not begin to offer.

So Just What is an LED Display?

When we speak of an LED display, we're talking about an electronics ticker type of board that has the ability to display customized messages. Often, this message will scroll, either from left to right or top to bottom. The sign's display is comprised of numerous light emitting diodes (or LEDs). Usually, they're dot-matrix and alpha-numeric. They also come as panels, though. Originally, the colors were mostly red, but now, you can find the LEDs on display signs in blue, white, green and even multicolored. You can see LED displays frequently used at malls, stores, city centres, shops, bus and train depots.

Advertising Uses

Many businesses are now using LED displays for their advertising needs. Think of the impact of this display: instead of a passer-by seeing a blank, stationery sign that they might just ignore, now they see an eye-catching message which possibly even has moving text. Rare is the person who can resist stopping long enough to see what the scrolling message says.

This doesn't mean that LED Displays replace other advertising methods of those businesses which use them. Most continue their other offline and online advertising. The LED display is not going to tell someone across town, who doesn't know about a business several miles away, to drive there. However, it does a good job of stopping people on the street, outside the business, and making them curious enough to want to step inside the business.

LED Display Sizes

LED display signs come in a wide variety of signs. There are some panels that are almost as large as a wall. Others are small enough to sit on a counter-top. The best ones are visible from a distance of about 25 feet. They're not too small to make an impact, nor do they overpower the store itself.

Should Your Business Use Them?

So what's the bottom line? Is the LED display something that your business should consider using? It depends on the business, of course. If you get most of your customers from miles away--for instance, if the bulk of your customers place online or telephone orders, or if they drive from the next city over, an LED display might not be the best idea for you. However, if you deal with mostly local customers, and if you know that you have products that people might buy on impulse, then certainly, an LED will increase your customer traffic. Also, if you're worried that passersby might not know exactly what you do inside your building, the LED display is a good investment. LED display signs are perfect for those who need to make potential customers curious about the goods and services inside- and who want to entice them to buy, when they otherwise might be content to go their own way.