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What is RGB LED

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What is RGB LED?

To understand what RGB LED is, let's take an example of one of the prominent places where it's used: television. TV has been with us for almost a century now. Until just recently, almost every television was of the standard cathode ray tube (or CRT) type. LED television is a fairly new innovation in the world of TV design. An LED TV simply means that it's an LCD television which uses tiny light-emitting diodes to provide the light for the screen. However, there is more than one kind of LED. There is the white light and there are the red, green, blue ones (or RGB). In the example we're using, of television, white lights are typically used for edge-lit TV screens (white light diodes are placed around the screen's perimeter). With RGB LEDs, though, they are typically behind the LCD panel, providing a uniform color range behind the screen.

The Wonderful World of Color

RGB has introduced a whole new world of possibilities for LED lights. Now, for instance, an LED computer monitor is capable of producing a huge range of colors- almost everything in the color spectrum. That's because the RGB LEDs can be lit or dimmed in such a way as to combine the effects of the three primary colors to form thousands of other colors.

RGB LED Light Strips

RGB LED lights have begun to be used for far more things than just monitors, however. One useful application is that of LED light strips. RGB LED light strips are low voltage lighting devices, usually coming in five, twelve and 24 volt versions. They're used in such things as concealed lighting, architectural lighting, sign letter lighting, perimeter lighting, and other similar functions. In essence, they serve as replacements for older technologies such as fluorescent, incandescent, neon and halogen lights. They're also about twice as bright as similar decorative-light options, like rope lighting.

Accent Lighting

Another new trend in RGB LED lights is that of providing accent lighting. Originally, these LED accent lights were a way of enhancing exteriors and interiors of hotels, corporate buildings and high-class restaurants. Now, homeowners have begun using them as an affordable design option. While there are many other options available for home accent lighting, the ones that provide the most amazing accents are increasingly the RGB LED lights. They come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, effects, colors and viewing angles. These LED lights have no harmful ultraviolet rays.

Color Variety

RGB LED lights come in red, blue, yellow and green mono strips and they come in different color "temperatures," from warm looks to cold. Certainly the variety of looks is much higher than what has been possible with conventional halogen and traditional lamps.

Some indoor uses for RGB LED accents include use at bathroom vanities, inside lockers and cupboards. Sure, you can get by with the same boring, old lights inside your house- but why not do better than that? Create some sensational looks by making use of RGB LED lights.