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What is MCD LED

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What is MCD LED?

You've probably heard of LED light and how it has revolutionized electronics. Have you heard of MCD LED, though? If not, you're missing out on products created by one of the top names in the business.

What is MCD Electronics?

MCD Electronics Inc. is an electronics company created in 1993 that specializes in optical and visual technology. The company's original guiding philosophy was that all machines and devices needed a way of talking with the user and with other machines. From the beginning, MCD provided visible as well as infrared LEDs which can indicate the condition or status of a system. The company offers graphic displays that advise machine operators regarding the system's current mode of operation.

What is MCD Electronics' Mission?

Ask a representative of MCD what their mission is and they'll tell you that it's to supply a way for equipment and machinery to communicate with device users via opto-electronics. Every piece of machinery, to be useful, needs a way of communicating with its user. MCD considers it their challenge to supply the visible and infrared displays and indicators used to provide this communication. Whether the machine needs a basic LED indicator to show the equipment's on/off state, or a graphic interface that advises the user of its current mode of operation, they provide a solution for that need. They offer a complete range of options which can be used for any existing or new application.

What Does MCD Electronics Carry?

MCD carries infrared and visible displays and indicators. They stock a complete assortment of incandescent lamps too, but are increasingly known for their LED offerings. These include things such as LED lamp replacements, light strips and more. Their LED lamp replacements come in many colors, bases and voltages, designed to fit most existing and new requirements. They also offer channel letter modules in numerous colors which replace neon for most signage applications. These offer a long-life alternative to older generation neon channel letters.

Another popular MCD product is their rigid LED lighting. This is a range of light strips for applications like display lighting, cove lighting and cabinet lighting. Strips are available with LEDs positioned ever ten mm, twenty mm, thirty mm, forty mm, fifty mm, sixty mm and 70 mm. These rigid strips are perfect for creating products such as hand rails and display products.

Making the Case for the Switch to LED Lighting

Almost from the beginning, MCD has been making the case for the switch from incandescent to LED lighting. That's because comparatively speaking, incandescent bulbs are extremely wasteful. More than 90 percent of the energy that flows through them is heat rather than light. MCD has been correctly arguing for years that LED lights produce much less heat. As a result of this efficiency, they stay close to room temperature, which cuts down energy use by lowering the need for cooling systems / air conditioning to counteract this emitted heat. LED lights, says MCD, are longer lasting and more rugged than incandescent bulbs.