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What is LED TV

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What is LED TV?
Toss out that old 1970s television set, because the day of the LED TV is upon us. And for good reason. There are many advantages that LED brings to TV technology that other televisions can't offer. The better LED sets are both advanced and elegant and give a superior viewing experience.

What is an LED TV?

An LED TV is a kind of LCD TV, but it uses light emitting diodes for a backlight. Backlighting is what gives the screen its illumination. Until recent times, most LCD TVs have used a cold cathode fluorescent lamp for illumination. Since the LED TV is a type of LCD set, it could better be called the LED LCD television.

So the LED television allows the digitally-created image to be seen on the screen. Without the backlighting, the image would still be there, but barely visible.

LED TV Placements

Among modern LED televisions, there are two primary types of placement. The first type has the LED array around the outer edge of the TV screen. This is known as an "edge-lit" screen. The other option is having the array across the back of the TV. This form is known as the backlit screen. Both have their uses. You should know, however, that the edge-lit screen generally costs a bit less than the backlit models. An edge-lit TV also can be made quite thin.

Benefits of the Backlit LED TV

Still, there are definite advantages to having the backlit LED screen. One of the main benefits is that its display has a deeper black because of a feature called local dimming. Local dimming is the feature of turning off the LEDS in places that must show black. Conventional LCD televisions are often deficient in black rendition, especially when compared to plasma TVs. In fact, most non-LED LCD televisions don't depict true black, defaulting instead to a dark gray.

Plasma sets, conversely, can turn every pixel on and off. As a result, they can render deep black when it's needed. This provides the LED-lit television a tremendous advantage.

Another benefit that people enjoy about today's generation of LED televisions is the slim design. They're lightweight, sleek and fit into almost any corner where you'd like to place them. It's possible to mount the LED TV on the wall, or just a couple of inches from the wall when sitting on the floor.

Most people feel like the visual appearance of an LED television is just sleeker and more modern-looking than other televisions. This is no small point, since for most people; the television is an important part of the furniture in their living room or den. The sleek look just enhances the home decor.

Environmentally Friendly

In a time when people are trying more than ever to protect the environment, it's also significant that LED televisions are friendly to the environment than other TVs. They don't use as much power, nor is any mercury used in their manufacture. They also generate little heat, which means they are safer to use in the home.

The future looks bright for the LED television set. Families love them and so does the environment.