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What is LED Flash

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What is LED Flash?
The good news is that LED is leading a revolution in the screen technologies of numerous electronics devices. The bad news is that for the layman, it's hard to keep up with the tech jargon and to sort through what's what. For instance, what is LED flash? And how does it benefit you, the electronics consumer?

LED Flash for Mobile Phones

LED flash actually affects you considerably if you use a modern phone, especially one with a digital camera or even better, one with video-cam capabilities. The LED flash in a mobile phone is a constant light source for the screen. This allows the phone to be used for things such as shooting low-light videos. One advantage for using LED for this is that it gives a softer, more even illumination. In fact, some manufacturers appreciate the benefits of LED flash so much that they have started sticking a pair of them on their imaging hand-sets.

LED Flash: Superior Lighting for Low-Light Videos

LED flashes that you find on a mobile phone provide a constant light source. This makes them good for still photography, but also for those who want to shoot low-light videos. The LED flash gives a softer and more even illumination which is perfect as a light source for those who want to video record.

The LED flash is a relatively new innovation. Before camera phones started showing up, with built-in Xenon flash, we had to settle for inferior low-current LED lights. Today that's changed. Mobile phone image sensors now can capture images at up to ISO 1,600 settings. This helps in some cases, but there are still many cases when an extra beam of light is needed to illuminate the subject. That's where the built in LED flash or Xenon comes in handy.

So which type of flash is better? Below are a series of pictures taken using some of the current camera-phones. Camera settings are left at default factory settings with only forced flash enabled. We'll leave you to make your own judgment as to which is better.

Quality Advantages of LED Flash

There are numerous advantages to LED flash that makes it far better than incandescent bulb. Some of these advantages are:

• An LED flash creates more light per watt than an incandescent bulb does.
• An LED flash's efficiency is not affected by size and shape, unlike a fluorescent bulb or tube.
• An LED flash can give off light of a specific color without using color filters that other lighting methods use.
• An LED flash can be quite small.
• An LED flash radiates an extremely low amount of heat, compared to other lighting sources.

Durability Advantages of LED Flash

Other benefits to the LED flash include how long it lasts. According to one report, it can last for 35,000 to 50,000 hours of use / life. It's also more shock-resistant than other lighting methods.

The LED flash's usefulness is only beginning to manifest itself. As more mobile devices with camera capabilities continue to be produced, it will continue to make its way into our lives.