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What is LED Backlight

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What is LED Backlight?
There's a good chance that you would have a hard time reading this article if not for the wonders of something called the backlight. Probably an LED backlight. In case you're not familiar with the term, a backlight is a kind of illumination used in LCD monitors and screens. It's a lighting mechanism that sits within the screen itself, illuminating the LCD image from behind. It's how almost all laptop and desktop computer screens are built.

Importance of the LED Backlight

We tend to take our LCD screens for granted, not even thinking about the importance of it being a quality device. Think about it, though. It's likely that you use your LCD monitor more than any other part of your computer. You also probably look at it as much as you look at your television. The factor which differentiates two or more LCD screens is the quality of the image. The elements which determine the image quality is sharpness, text readability, color quality, grayscale range and image uniformity.

LED: The Quality Backlight

Although it was not always the case, for several years now, the part of the LCD screen that has been recognized as providing superior performance in all of the above areas is the LED backlight. The LCD screen with an LED backlight tends to be thinner, brighter and less power-consuming. They're also more reliable and dependable than monitors which are built with fluorescent lighting.

Is the LED Backlight Worth It?

While the screen with the LED backlight has a better image and uses less power, it also tends to cost more. The question, therefore, is whether the extra cost is worth it. Most experts are unified in their belief: Yes, they are worth it. It's not just a quality issue, either. It's a financial one. Screens that use LED backlight technology are known to have longer life than the old fluorescent lit monitors have. That means that in the long run, you're less likely to need to spend more money on computers because of lighting problems.

Environmentally Friendly

An LED backlit screen also is known to be more environmentally friendly than the older, regular monitors. This is true for a couple reasons. For one, it does not contain mercury that might seep into the earth or water after the monitor is junked. It's also less power-hungry. This latter fact is good, not just for Mother Nature, but for your budget as well. Since it doesn't use as much power, it'll be easier on your power bill. It also will prolong the life of your battery, if you're using a laptop. A study by Dell Computers noted that once it switches all laptops to LED backlighting, consumers will save $20 million in utility costs by 2011 over their 2010 costs.

What's even more exciting is that all of the benefits we've discussed apply to just this, the first generation of LED backlit screens. A new generation is already being rolled out, with new benefits to your eyes, billfold and the environment. It's a bright future indeed for the LED backlight.