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What is Cree LED

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What is Cree LED?
There are a number of manufacturers which make perfectly good LED lighting products and then there's Cree. Cree does not make adequate LEDs. They make superior ones. They make LEDs which are quickly becoming recognized as tops in the industry. Here's a bit of the Cree LED story.

What is Cree?

Cree Inc. is a fairly new American corporation that is now known for making semiconductors. Based in Durham, NC, it was formed in 1987, but only in the past three years, has it become a major corporation known for producing LEDs. Today they are a leader in the production of solid-state lighting. Their base of operations is now located in Hong Kong. It was this past February that the company introduced a white LED which can produce 208 LPW (lumens per watt) on just 350 MA of current. This is 14 times the lighting capability of an incandescent bulb.

Cree Lighting

One of the major product lines for Cree, especially during the past several years, has been light products. For instance, they're known for quality architectural lay-ins, down lights and overhead lamps. For example, one of their newest products that are getting good reviews is the LR38. This is an innovative combination of technological breakthroughs, electronics design, optical design, thermal management, and mechanical design. At the crux of this innovation is a unique way of generating white light via LEDs.

Other LED Products

This is another area where Cree is making a mark. They've quickly become a leader in the production of LEDs used in small electronics devices. For instance, the LEDs used in digital camera's flash, traffic signals and in cellular phone backlighting.

Another popular Cree product line is their line of LED modules. These modules provide a simple, excellent solution for lighting designers. Their modules feature technology that allows them to combine high-light quality with high energy efficiency. They support dimming of up to five percent and are created to last for a minimum of 35,000 hours at 70 lumens.

Cree also produces LEDs that are used in full-motion video signs, in computer monitors, and in vehicle dashboard lighting. Plus, they make accessories, such as the holders that contain the LED lights themselves.

The Cree Advantage

The real advantage that Cree has that makes their products superior, but affordable, is the materials that they use. They have efficient InGan materials that they combine with their own proprietary substrates, which deliver a superior price-to-performance ratio for their high-intensity LEDs. The typical features you'll find in Cree LEDs include:

• Low forward voltage
• Single wire-bond connection
• Low heat generation
• Exceptional thinness
• Long life
• High ESD resistance and tolerance
• Simple thermal management
• Easy fit for tight spots
• Bright light generated from little power
• Excellence in light fixtures for wall sconces, pendants, indoor downlight, and retail and restaurant applications.

The bottom line: Those who need lighting needs for their businesses will almost certainly find something that fits their needs from Cree. Even the homeowner will find lots to benefit them by exploring the Cree offerings.