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What Do LED Lights Look Like

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What Do LED Lights Look Like?
LED technology is relatively new when it comes to an alternative source of lighting for homes and businesses. As a consequence, a frequently asked question is, “What do LED lights look like?” This question has many answers. LED lights come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes and they are used in a great number of applications. It is very hard to sum up what LED lights look like, because often they look just like any other source of artificial light! LED lights are commonly found in digital displays of many electronic devices, and they can be seen in lamps on the night stand, in fixtures on the ceiling, and they can even be seen lighting up the night skies in streetlights and landscaping lamps.

LED Light Bulbs for the Home

LED light bulbs have been created to look very similar to that of an incandescent bulb. Unlike CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent bulbs) that come in a strange spiral shape, LED light bulbs for the home are shaped in the traditional light bulb shape in an Edison base. LED lights for the home can be shaped like literally any type of light bulb that is currently being used. For example, a chandelier LED light will usually be shaped just as standard chandelier light bulbs are, usually in the shape of tears or tiny globes. What do LED lights look like based on color? They look like any other colored light, except their colors are much more realistic. This is the only type of light that can produce all colors of the light spectrum without the necessity of coloring the globe or lens.

LED Lights in Cars

What do LED lights look like in cars? Most of the time, LED lights are used for tail lights or head lights, and when viewed up close will look like a series of mini bulbs rather than just one light bulb. This is because multiple small LED bulbs are typically used in applications such as these. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the quality of light is much brighter in multi bulb applications than in single bulb applications. These are generally called cluster lights and are a very nice safety feature. If one of the light emitting diodes should blow, the circuit remains intact and light will still be emitted.

LED Flashlights

What do LED lights look like in flashlights? When compared to standard a flashlight, the LED flashlight is considerably brighter. Studies done on the smallest, most inexpensive LED flashlights have shown them to be nearly three times brighter than a double D cell Maglite. That is very impressive as Maglites are known for their superior luminosity. In addition, LED flashlights are normally much smaller and lighter weight, which makes them ideal for sporting events such as hiking, fishing, hunting, or any other outdoor activity that may take place at night. Many people have traded in their old standard incandescent flashlights for the newer LED versions, and are quite happy with their decision. LED lights are often called the light of the future.

What do LED lights look like, and how can you spot them? LED lights can be seen in almost any product that uses a lighting source. A person does not have to go very far to find an LED light. In fact, it is a safe bet that the average household has at least four devices which utilize LED light technology. Find the light with the most realistic colors being emitted and you will know what an LED light looks like.