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What Do LED Lights Do

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What Do LED Lights Do?
When speaking of LED lights, one frequently asked question is, “What do LED lights do?” Although we have all heard the term “LED lights,” it’s amazing how little the average consumer really knows about them. What do LED lights do? The do anything any other source of artificial light can do, and so much more!

Energy Efficient, Cost Effective, Eco-Friendly LED Technology

Actually, the most significant thing that LED lights do is to provide the most energy efficient source of artificial light known to man. They utilize anywhere from 30% to 80% less energy than any other source of light and are infinitely safer on the environment. LED lights do not contain any dangerous metals or gasses, last an incredibly long period of time and are durable with their solid state construction. Because they are so cost effective to operate, they are used in everything from Christmas lights to traffic lights, and that is just the beginning of what these amazing lights can do.

LED Lights for Christmas

Not only have many people started using strings of LED Christmas lights to decorate their Christmas trees, as apposed to the older traditional incandescent Christmas lights, but they have also begun using them in other applications pertinent to the Christmas season. For example, LED lights have become available for outdoor lights as well as indoor Christmas lights. The biggest advantage to using outdoor LED lights is that they are weatherproof and will not be damaged by rain. Because they are so durable and long lived, it is rare to ever need a replacement bulb.

LED Lights for Swimming Pools and Spas

Almost everyone has seen, at one point in time or another, a well lit pool or spa. Many swimming pool and spa owners are switching to highly advanced LED lighting systems that offer not just one light to illuminate the spa or pool, but multiple colors of light that cycle, creating a gorgeous wave of colorful effects that are beautiful at night. Prior to LED lights, doing something like this would expend a lot of extra energy. Thanks to the modern technological advances in LED lighting and energy conservation, this elegant look is now cost effective and more widely available.

LED for Traffic Lights

Each year, billions of tax dollars are spent on the cost of keeping traffic lights lit all year round, and that does not even include maintenance. A conservative estimate is that there are more than 50 million traffic lights in the United States alone. If each traffic light cost only $100 annually for electricity, that would equal $5 billion dollars of hard-earned tax payer dollars just for traffic lights alone. Cut that cost down to 20% by using LED lights and taxpayers are now looking at $1 billion dollars. That extra $4 billion could come in handy for health care and education, couldn’t it?

What do LED lights do? The easy answer is they save consumers money while protecting the environment from untold damages. It is clear that LED lights add beauty and reliability without the added worry of extra energy consumption, or having to continuously replace burned out bulbs. The real question that consumers should be asking themselves is why they haven’t switched to the use of LED lights yet.