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What Are LED Lights

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What Are LED Lights?
With all the hype about LED lights, it is normal for a person to wonder exactly what they are and how they work. In fact, many people who are already using them to conserve energy still have no idea how they function or why they save energy. What are LED lights? In short, LED lights are Light Emitting Diodes that can be seen in place of incandescent bulbs or used as a backlight for digital displays on watches and microwave ovens. LED lights are an energy efficient source of light that is durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

LED Light Technology

LED lights, also known as Light Emitting Diodes, are semiconductor light sources that are used as gauge lamps (digital displays) in several different forms of electronics. Today LED lights are being used for more common applications such as the lighting in a home, or internal and external lights throughout a vehicle. The very first LED lights used a low output to create a dim red color. With advances in modern LED technology, these lights are available in a rainbow of colors with extremely bright illumination capabilities and endless possibilities in terms of lighting.

LED Lights and Energy

One of the main aspects of LED light technology has been so diligently researched is in the area of conservation of energy. It was discovered early on that LED lights use far less current to operate. This is true in both battery operated LED devices as well as in electricity driven devices. Today, with the state of the economy and the devastation already done to the environment, it has become an absolute necessity for scientists to perfect new and useful forms of lighting. LED lighting is superior in terms of energy consumption and safety, and therefore is being utilized in anything that needs a source of light.

LED Lights and Safety

Incandescent bulbs have always had a major drawback in terms of safety, and that is heat. They get extremely hot and have led to a number of different hazards including burn injuries and fires. It may be hard to understand how something like a light bulb could lead to something as serious as a burn or fire, however this is a common occurrence when the use of incandescent bulbs are in place. A piece of paper or other flammable material could easily come in close contact to a hot bulb, which could just as easily cause a fire to ignite.

With a better understanding of LED lights and what it is that sets them apart from other lighting sources, a person can make a more educated decision as to whether or not these lights would be a good alternative for his/her lighting needs. What are LED lights? They are a safer, more energy efficient and far less costly source of light for anything from appliances to indoor and outdoor lighting. LED lights are the longest lasting artificial lights ever invented and are the safest in terms of the ecology. What are LED lights? They are the right choice all the way around.