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What Are LED Lights Used For

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: What Are LED Lights Used For?
By this point in time, there probably isn’t a person who hasn’t heard of LED lights because there has been a lot of excitement surrounding them in recent years. Even so, there is still some confusion as to exactly what they are and consumers still ask, “What are LED lights used for?” Actually, they are used as an alternative light source for anything from lighting rooms, to illuminating digital panels on electronic equipment to providing lights for security and traffic control outdoors. First invented in the 1960’s, LED lights have found their way into virtually every product that needs or provides a source of light. So, what are LED lights used for? Here are a few examples.

Remote Controls

Most remote controls have lights that flash or blink during their use. These lights are LED lights, and the remote control was one of the very first products to utilize LED light technology. The earlier models came exclusively with red LED lights, however, as time went by and technology advanced, different colors of LED lights were built into remote controls. Today, remote controls are used for everything from television sets to air conditioning units.

Digital Watches

In the 1970’s digital watch makers began utilizing LED light technology for the number displays on the face of the watch. Again, the earlier displays were red LED lights, and as time passed began showing up in many different colors. Today, not only are various colored LED lights used in digital watches, but also in all sorts of other products such as scales and other electronic devices.

Microwave Ovens

The very first microwave ovens started making their appearance in the 1940’s; however, they were far too expensive for the general public to use. It wasn’t until some time in the 1970’s that their use began to become widespread. Shortly thereafter, LED lights were introduced to microwaves as the electronic digital displays seen today. Amazingly, there are still many models of microwave ovens that do not have a digital display, and therefore do not include the use of LED lights.

LED Flashlights

Sometime during the 1990’s scientists discovered that LED technology could be used as an alternative light source for flashlights. The earliest models of LED flashlights left a lot to be desired in terms of luminosity, but over the years have become much more efficient. Today LED flashlights are actually considered more desirable by many people, and they offer just as powerful a light as the standard flashlight, at about a third of the energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Source of Light

This is an area people still struggle with when trying to determine what LED lights are used for. Because LED technology has advanced to the point where these amazing lights can rival virtually any other type of artificial light source at a greatly reduced need for power, they are the most economical lights in the world. They are manufactured in every style of light bulb or lamp imaginable, from bulbs with Edison bases that screw into ceiling fixtures to tube style retrofit lamps that replace outdated fluorescents.

When asking the question “What are LED lights used for?” it may be more appropriate to ask what they are not used for. Everything from Christmas lights to skin care products utilize this amazing technology to provide a source of light that uses only a small fraction of the light required by incandescent, fluorescent or metal halide lamps. What are LED lights used for? They are used for anything that requires a cost and/or energy efficient source of light.