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Do LED Lights Work with a Dimmer

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: Do LED Lights Work with a Dimmer?
One of the conveniences that consumers always had with incandescent lights is that they were easily dimmable with a dimmer switch on the wall. Because LED lights utilize so much less electricity, and last so much longer than any other light on the market, more and more consumers are converting their entire houses, or places of work, to LED lighting. However, one common question is “Do LED lights work with dimmers?” Unfortunately, the answer is yes and no, and the explanation for this is a bit complicated.

On or Off LED Lights

LED lights are famous for the fact that there is no warm up time. They immediately light up when the switch is turned on. While this is preferable over any other type of lighting, it has its drawbacks when it comes to dimmers. The point is, LED lights are either on or off, and traditional dimmers have rapid cycling to reduce the voltage input which makes incandescent lights dim. By reducing voltage to an incandescent bulb, it automatically dims, but LED’s on the other hand, already convert high voltage to low voltage, so reducing the input would have no effect on the light whatsoever. If less power was made available, the lights would simply go out. So then, do LED lights work with a dimmer? Here’s another complicated answer! Some will, and some won’t!

Update on Dimmable LED Bulbs

Most LED bulbs will not dim with a dimmer because of the technology described above. Cree, however, has manufactured a 9 Watts, solid state LED bulb in an Edison base that can replace any incandescent or halogen bulb in a socket connected to a dimmer switch. This is a revolutionary new product that was designed specifically to be used with dimmers. While a conventional LED will not work with external, third party dimmers, Cree’s 9 Watt, 360 lumen bulb will, indeed, dim when voltage is cut back. Because of the standard E27 screw-in base, this amazing bulb can be used in any lamp or light fixture in the home. The best part is that, like all other LED lights, Cree’s true dimmable LED bulb uses to 80% less electricity to power.

Other Dimmable Lamps by Cree

With these revolutionary new products from Cree it is no longer necessary to ask “Do LED lights work with dimmers?” because they have designed a whole line that will, at last, work. Actually, the new line of dimmable lights vary in strength from 3 Watt to 36 Watt bulbs that all come in standard Edison bases. There are styles from par lamps to stack bulbs and ball bulbs, and prices range from approximately $20 to just about $100. However, it needs to be said again that not all bulbs will work with standard dimmers. These lamps have been specially manufactured, and the circuitry in them allows them to work with dimmers.

You will hear it said that LED lights do not lend themselves easily to dimmers, which is quite true. If seeking a dimmer switch that will work with existing LED lights already installed, it is essential to read the packaging that came with the lamps to see what dimmers have been manufactured to work with that specific brand of LED light. If, on the other hand, the dimmer switch is already installed, Cree true dimmable LED lights are the solution.