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Do LED Lights Work for Growing Plants

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: Do LED Lights Work for Growing Plants?
LED Lights, over the past decade, have been perfected as an alternative to standard grow lights that are used to cultivate plants indoors. However, the question is still commonly asked, “Do LED lights work for growing plants?” Not only do LED lights work well when used for growing plants, but there are many advantages to using them.

Energy Efficiency in the LED Grow Light

LED lights in general, as many people know, use far less electrical current to function. LED grow lights are no different in the sense that they will not draw nearly as much energy, and will still provide all the essential lighting needs that are required when growing plant life in an indoor setting. Many seasoned indoor plant cultivators are raving about LED lights and have switched to their use, exclusively. Ask any one of them, “Do LED lights work for growing plants?” and the answer will always be a resounding yes.

Infrequent Watering

With HID grow lights, which are the standard light bulbs that are found in many indoor plant nurseries, have a tendency to become extremely hot. Because of this, more water must be used to keep the plants from drying out. If the use of LED lights is employed for the same purpose, the elimination of excess heat that is generated by the lighting source will result in a less frequent need for watering. This, of course, will contribute to water conservation as well as allowing more time for other tasks to be completed.

LED Grow Lights and Life Span

Do LED lights work for growing plants without needing frequent replacement bulbs? Most light bulbs which are used for growing plants in an indoor setting do not have a very long life span. This can be especially true if frequent cycling is needed. With LED light bulbs used in grow lights, the life span is noted to be at about 15 times longer than other grow lights. They actually last approximately 100,000 hours which will mean about a decade of continued use, that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Of course, plants are not subjected to light for those periods of time, so the reality is that LED grow lights may even last two decades!

Ballasts and Safety

Not only do LED lights remain cool but they do not require a ballast to operate. Other lights such as HID grow lights must have a ballast that is attached to them to control the amount of voltage that is used. If the ballast is not in place with these lights, the result will be overheated light bulbs and possibly even the risk of fire. This is another way in which indoor plant cultivators will save money by using LED grow lights. Actually, LED grow lights have a regulator attached to the lamp that controls current quite nicely. This is how the need for a ballast is avoided.

Ask any indoor cultivator, “Do LED grow lights work for growing plants?” and the answer will most likely be that LED grow lights are a great alternative for indoor growing environments. These grow lights are widely available and can be simply obtained by ordering them online. The less equipment that is needed in an indoor growing project, the less money a grower will spend.