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Do LED Lights Really Work

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: Do LED Lights Really Work?
If the question, “Do LED lights really work?” had been asked a decade ago, the prognosis may not have been as good. However, recent advances in LED technology have made it possible to effectively use LED lights for a number of different purpose. LED lights are now powerful enough to use as a lighting source for a home, whereas before they were only seen in things like the digital displays on a microwave or remote controls, as well as the panel lights in vehicles. Today, flashlights that are super bright, and light bulbs with equal luminosity to other more inferior and dangerous light bulbs, have become available.

LED Lighting in the Home

The typical three bedroom, two bath home, has anywhere from 12 to 24 light bulb sockets. If each of them is occupied by an incandescent bulb, it is estimated that between 25% and 50% of the total electric bill is spent as a direct result of lighting the house. In contrast, LED bulbs, if used in place of all of these bulbs would use about 80% less energy. This is a vast difference, and would surely allow a homeowner to realize a significant reduction in his/her electric bill each month. In addition, there is very little difference in the quality of lighting that is received from LED bulbs. So when asked, “Do LED lights really work in a home?” the answer is, without a doubt, “Yes!”

LED Lights in the Office

For many years offices have employed the use of long, tubular fluorescent bulbs. Not only can these bulbs begin to go bad and flicker constantly, which is extremely annoying, but they also contain momentous amounts of mercury which is well known to be a health hazard. In recent years, many scientists have recommended the use of LED lights in replacement of outdated fluorescent lights, for more than one reason. Do LED lights really work to reduce those risks? Yes, LED lights are not only safer to use and dispose of, but they also cut the expense an office incurs in energy usage bills every month.

LED Lights Used in Flashlights

Some of the older, prototype models of LED flash lights were considered a joke. They were quite dim and didn’t provide enough light to be considered a good alternative to standard flashlights. Thanks to the extensive research and studies that have been conducted in relation to improving LED technology, LED flashlights provide more than ample light for any situation. There are even super bright tactical LED flashlights that are used by law enforcement agencies. LED lights come in a wide variety of sizes and lighting strengths, and are great for everything from mini flashlights to larger and super bright flashlights for camping and fishing trips. Do LED lights really work for flashlights? You bet they do!

In summary, LED lights not only work but they are an excellent alternative to standard lighting sources because they save energy, are more durable, and have a much longer life span. For anyone who is not sure whether or not the LED light will be sufficient for their purpose, it is highly suggested that they try at least one LED product. These products can be ordered easily online if they cannot be found for the right price in local retail stores.