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Do LED Lights Dim Over Time

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: Do LED Lights Dim Over Time?
It is well known that LED lights last a very long time, but a question that is commonly asked is, “Do LED lights dim over time.” Unfortunately, there is really no short answer to this question. LED lights are known to be quite durable and have a longer life span than most other bulbs; in fact, they can even last for decades with normal use. However, LED lights will dim once they begin to reach the end of their life cycle. Unlike other bulbs that blow or burn out all at once, LED lights will gradually dim. And again, the good news is it will take quite a long time for this to occur.

The Reason LED Lights Dim

LED Lights operate through semiconductors and they do not get to the touch, or melt the plastic bulbs they are often placed in, a small amount of heat is released. It is important to understand how this happens. Light is produced because electrons are energized when electricity is introduced to the diodes. These electrons travel from one material to the next, but must dispel their energy before the other material can accept them. It is this expulsion of energy that produces light in the form of photons, and a small amount of heat. Over time, usually very long periods of time, the semiconductors will wear out and the lights will begin to dim. They do not burn out in the literal sense, yet they will dim in time.

Failure in Incandescent Lights vs. LED Lights

Incandescent lights operate by heat that is sent directly to a filament enclosed within the casing of the bulb. Unlike LED lights that have a very low amount of heat being generated to the semiconductor, incandescent bulbs have a high level of heat that causes the filament to glow. This is why incandescent bulbs are so hot to the touch once they have been on, even for a few moments. Often a sudden burst of energy, such as that which occurs when a light switch is turned on, can cause the filament to burn out. This is why these light bulbs are known to blow so often, and need to be changed so frequently.

Failure in CFL Bulbs vs. LED Lights

CFL bulbs also operate in a totally different way than LED lights. In this type of bulb there are gasses which give off UV light within the invisible portion of the light spectrum when heated. Over time these gasses dissipate and will no longer be able to produce ample amounts of UV radiation to generate light in the visible spectrum. While CFL’s will last longer than incandescent bulbs, they have a very short lifespan as compared to LED’s. Gasses become unstable much more quickly than the semiconductors will fail in LED’s.

So, do LED Lights dim over time? Yes, they will dim over time, but a very, very long time at that. They are clearly the safest and most durable lighting option available. In addition, they save quite a bit of money on energy and maintenance costs during their long lifetimes, and are infinitely safer on the environment.