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Do LED Lights Attract Mosquitoes

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question: Do LED Lights Attract Mosquitoes?
There are so many advantages to LED lights that people are beginning to question other potential benefits such as, “Do LED lights attract mosquitoes?” Mosquitoes are mainly attracted to the heat that is generated in lighting sources that produce Ultra Violet (UV) rays. LED light bulbs do not give off these harmful ultra violet rays and do not emit a significant amount of heat. For this reason, mosquitoes will not generally swarm an LED light as there is nothing present to attract them to that particular light source. By switching to LED light bulbs on the outside of a home, a person may be able to forego other, more harmful methods of repelling these annoying insects.

Benefits of Repelling Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes carry a number of diseases, not only to humans but also to animals in the form of micro filarial parasites that cause heartworm. In humans the risk of such illness as West Nile Virus, Malaria, and many bacterial infections are present through mosquitoes. By switching the lighting in and around a home to LED lights, and eliminating any water that may be standing in areas on the property, a person will effectively reduce the chances of their loved ones or pets contracting a disease which could even prove fatal.

LED Lights used to Minimize Mosquitoes

Because mosquitoes are such a major problem and cause so much discomfort, people go to great lengths to try to prevent them from taking up residency outside of their home. In an effort to eliminate mosquitoes, many people turn to harmful chemicals that kill not only mosquitoes, but other, more beneficial insects as well. Not only are these chemicals toxic to the people and animals that come in direct contact with them but they are also quite bad for the environment as they can make their way into the water supply and atmosphere. By using LED lights on the exterior of the home, many experts feel that mosquitoes will not be drawn as quickly.

Added Benefit of LED Lights for Mosquito Repellant

In addition to minimizing or even eliminating mosquitoes from lingering outside on a porch or patio, LED light bulbs offer other great benefits, such as money savings. This may seem to be a bit of a stretch, but it is true. The way that LED lights save a consumer money is in the form of energy conservation, and less frequent need to replace bulbs. LED light bulbs use only about 1/3 of the amount of electricity that is needed to operate incandescent bulbs. This means that a person may realize a savings of up to 50% what they electric bill normally is, just by switching to LED lighting. In addition, LED light bulbs are said to function for as long as one hundred thousand hours. That is quite a long time when compared to the measly two thousand hours an incandescent light bulb lasts.

Do LED lights attract mosquitoes? With all of the forms of mosquito repellants that people use on a daily basis, it seems silly that they would not try an alternative form of lighting in their effort to get rid of these horrible and potentially dangerous bugs. However, whether or not LED lights attract mosquitoes isn’t the obvious advantage to these amazing lights. Although there is significant documented evidence that LED lights greatly reduce the numbers of mosquitoes that swarm exterior lighting, cost efficiency should be a major priority. With the added benefit of saving money, it seems a lot like a win/win situation.